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Plusnet - Customer Service? You must be joking!

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Plusnet - Customer Service? You must be joking!

I can't believe I am the only one with this problem - are there more people out there that have been overcharged and refused a refund like I was today?


Just about the most appalling customer service experience I've had for many years. I've been overcharged (the billing error stuff from back in September apparently) and, after two phone calls in recent weeks, during which I was assured they would correct it, I've been told that, whilst I've got a credit against my Plusnet account, their system wont allow them to credit my bank account, so I can't be refunded. When I asked the Service Agent, Thomas Cramman to let me speak to one of his supervisors (apparently called Sue and Mentor), he came back and said they refused! Wow!

I train people in customer service for a living and this is going to make a great (ie. appalling) story to tell people in all the companies I work for. Have lodged a complaint asking somebody more senior to contact me (I don't hold out much hope of ever hearing from anyone). I guess it'll be the ombudsman next.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Plusnet - Customer Service? You must be joking!


Hi Mike,


I'm really disappointed and concerned to read your comments.


Having reviewed your account I can see that this has now been raised to our high level complaints team who will investigate this thoroughly and contact you to get this resolved. Rest assured this will happen - your complaints ticket is here.


Best wishes