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PlusNet broadband only SURCHARGE

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PlusNet broadband only SURCHARGE

Thanks to the excellent Think Broadband website, I discovered PlusNet are increasing their prices across the board in October [ let me know sometime PlusNet ]
From my attention is brought to

"We will be introducing a surcharge of £1.50 on all Value and Extra broadband only and Value and Extra fibre optic broadband only products (where line rental and calling plans are not held with Plusnet).
If you are affected by this change, you can avoid this surcharge by taking Plusnet Home Phone. If you choose to take Plusnet Home Phone before the 1st October 2013, you will not receive this surcharge. If you choose to take Plusnet Home Phone after this date, you will stop paying the surcharge from your next billing date."

Is this per year or per month? If this is to be per month, then this would cause a price rise well above inflation. Customers are already paying for their Line Rental with another company [often BT] So is PlusNet charging their customers for using a network that is provided and maintained by another provider?
Why exactly is PlusNet introducing this surcharge? An honest and justifiable answer please, for all of your customers?
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Re: PlusNet broadband only SURCHARGE

Locked - if you want to ask this specific question again please post in the existing Announcement thread,117014.0.html