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PlusNet Talk lands me with BT cancellation charge

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PlusNet Talk lands me with BT cancellation charge

Here is a ticket I've just raised.
It relates such a series of cock-ups that I really wonder if I shouldn't have just dumped PlusNet and BT and gone over ot Virgin who are outside my house anyway. 
I only get 900 kb/s on PlusNet and am sure that I'd get ten times that on Virgin.  To add insult to injury Plusnet identifies my house as one where there is no competiton between providers and so does not offer my the 'competitive discount' that city subscribers usually get.
As a very long standing PlusNet subscriber both at my present house and for may years previously in the Midlands where I set up a local Credit Union on PlusNet I now feel very agrieved!!
  I have suffered £86.85 cancellation charge from BT, my previous phone provider.
On 20/7/10 I ordered your Talk Anytime phone service using on-line ordering.
I did this so that I would escape BT cancellation charges unless I cancelled on the one day in the year that it is now free to do so.  I think this was to be 16/9/10.
I received a message that I must be at home to engineer's call.
I rang urgently to tell you that I could see no need as I simply wanted my line transfered.
You sent a message telling me that I'd be charged £49 if the engineer could not gain access.
I made sure I was at home when BT engineer called. 
She was ready to climb the telephone pole to string in a second line!  I told her I didn't want a new line. 
She told me even had a new phone number allocated to me.  I told her I wanted to keep my present number.
She and I both rang you to explain that no new line was needed.
She told you to cancel the order and place a new one.
There was a further delay until after the BT deadline.  My final BT bill includes the very cancellation charge I set out to avoid.
These delays are all due to PlusNet.  Therefore PLEASE RE-IMBURSE THIS CHARGE of £86.85

QUESTION 2  I have been charged by PlusNet twice for the period to 8/9/10
See your invoices 22174712  and 22011887  PLEASE RE-IMBURSE £11.01 duplicate charge.
I wanted all this settled before going abroad for nearly 3 weeks.  I even tried to raid this ticket while abroad, but I don't see any sign of it.
NB:  I intend to copy this correspondence to your blog pages, in hard copy to your HQ, and if I receive no satisfaction to WHICH and Trading Standards.
W H Powell.
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Re: PlusNet Talk lands me with BT cancellation charge

Hi there - welcome to the Forums.
I can see that you have copied this response into a ticket which has since been answered by two of my colleagues.
However, to clarify a couple of points, it looks like your initial request to transfer telephone service went through as a new line installation, hence the engineer appointment. I'm very sorry that this happened, I'm not sure why the system did this. However, it appears to be an isolated issue which has not re-occured.
Your telephone service was started correctly on the 19th August and there was no reference to the date 16th September. If this had been requested that we could have attempted to transfer your service on that day but this could not be guaranteed. As such, we cannot refund any cancellation charges that you have incurred from BT.
The duplicated line rental has been refunded, this was a result of the order going through as a new line installation the first time.
Everything now appears to be running fine on your account and I hope that we can continue this way.