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Plus net still charging after leaving. Chasing me down for 70p.

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Plus net still charging after leaving. Chasing me down for 70p.

Changed to BT July, two months later Plusnet still billing my bank account.


Rang and spoke to someone he dumped me back into a call queue and had to start again. Spoke to a helpful [CSA Removed]. Plusnet's stance was that it was BT's fault for not letting them know even though BT had taken over the line and put their own internet down it so Plusnet clearly not supplying me with anything. She emailed me after the call confirming account closed and "we wont be taking any further payments from your account".


Email from Plusnet unable to take payment of 70p, yes 70 pence! Seems whoever sorted the account didn't have a calculator to hand. Bloke on the phone same as last time dumped me back into a call queue and so I had to start again. Lady on the phone [CSA Removed] not as helpful as the last lady because apparently the account is closed and the only way she can sort it is by taking 70p off my card and then refunding it. Explained I didn't have my card to hand and she didn't seem bothered. Requested a complaint be opened, didn't seem bothered about that either don't know why she bothered answering the phone. Apparently the system is physically unable to do anything when an account is closed other than conveniently take payment for money that is not due. 

I guess my only option is to wait for a horrible collection letter then go to court over 70p! I'm already out of pocket £40-£60 after paying two providers for internet down the same phone line!!!


Is there anything Plusnet can do to remedy this shambles.

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Re: Plus net still charging after leaving. Chasing me down for 70p.

Hi @alex9849 

My advice is to raise a compliant with Plusnet asking for a full refund, the cancelling of the 70 p charge and an apology.

Supply Plusnet a copy of your first BT bill as proof that they are supplying your Phone and Internet.

Ensure the evidence  shows the BT start date (not the order date).

Also supply the Plusnet responses to date.