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Please help me leave!

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Registered: ‎22-07-2016

Please help me leave!

I currently have a 24 month contract... with 19 months left.

I am being forced to move to a new property where the landlord does not want any new lines installed and will not take on the contract even if I offer to pay for it!


Is there a way I can get the leaving fee reduced or put into a monthly cost, I would be fine just continuing to pay even if I don't get the service and then when I move into a new property just get it reinstalled there. But currently I really can't afford to pay up 19 months worth in one go, as there is so many other things I need to pay due to moving house!

Can anyone give me some help with this.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Please help me leave!

Hi there, there are 2 things I'd suggest as  your not be able to take Plusnet at the new property. You could arrange for the service to be set up at a family or friends property therefore avoiding the early termination fee's altogether and is something we have arranged in the past for customers. Alternatively, although we can't take separate payments for early termination fee's, if the amount went to debt recovery they would have flexible way in which the amount can be cleared although there would be fee's added on due to the amount going through to a debt recovery agency.

Kind regards,