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Please can someone sort out my account

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Please can someone sort out my account

Since re-contracting 10 days ago 15 June and upgrading to FTTC i have spent more time on the phone to PN, asking for my new prices to show correctly on my account, that was sorted out once ,then a second call as it had changed again. Then upgraded to FTTC on 27th but phone line knocked out at same time, then today I checked account details, all my price details changed again and my broadband details as agreed to in my contract are wrong on the account,  I now have six questions open. ONE starts regretting making any changes as these are  just the basic details you expect to be correct on viewing our account.

The contract i agreed to was for 24months @ £21.99 per month

speed  Down 24 - 35mb      Up  4 -6mb    Min Guaranteed  Speed - 22.6mb

This was confirmed in Emailed copy of contract

Have phoned in and got the prices correct but all other details are wrong.

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Re: Please can someone sort out my account

This seems to be common problem on renewal, weird PN accounts system is unable to register detail changes and must be updated manually. Sometimes it even debits full price and corrects it by credit on next bill. Suggest you give them a ring to put your mind at rest. If any consolation you have a good price there.