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Please Reinstate My Service!

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Please Reinstate My Service!

I phoned last week to discuss some charges still being taken from an old account and also my new direct debit being set up higher than agreed, I was refunded all that I was owed and was happy with the service received....until this week I get hit with a barrage of emails and texts saying I am late with payments/owe several different amounts of money, my service has been cut off, my online account is closed and now I'm told I have to wait until next week to get my internet back??? Absolutely appalling level of service and incompetence by several different members of staff who have messed up my account, each person blaming the previous one for doing something wrong before then doing something wrong themselves. Seems like some staff training wouldn't go amiss. I'll be complaining to Ofcom about this matter, it's not the first time I've received a poor service from plusnet, I have 3 mobile phone contracts with plusnet too which I'll be taking elsewhere. No internet through no fault of my own, means I cannot work, watch TV, use the baby monitor to monitor my baby through the night or use my alarm system, plus I've spent numerous hours on the phone/on hold (when you can get though without an automated message telling you that they are too busy to take your call)

I look forward to your prompt response to this matter, and would like my service to resume no later than today as I have lots to do.


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Re: Please Reinstate My Service!

Ring complaints and ask for the contact details of the CEO.