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Phone Log Billing in CSV/Excel Format

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Phone Log Billing in CSV/Excel Format

I sem to be going around and around looking to find out to download two of my recent phone logs in a format that I can use within a spreadsheet. It was possibile at one time but I cannot find the facility now, has it moved or disappeared?

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Re: Phone Log Billing in CSV/Excel Format



I have just exported my unbilled and billed calls from the member centre without issue, they are exported as CSV files which load into Excel or any other spreadsheet program you have.

Logon to your member Centre account as normal, then under home tab you will see a my bills section, select view calls this then opens your billing tab and then part way down is the phone section -select view unbilled calls or view bill calls as you want. If you select unbilled calls then a new window opens within the page and at the top is an "EXPORT" button click on that and that downloads a CSV file to your computer.  Viewing billed calls is slight different since a new window opens with a box at the asking which month (billing period you want to look at and beside that is again an "EXPORT" button - again exported as a CSV file.