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Phone Bill

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Registered: ‎30-06-2010

Phone Bill

Hi All,
I don't really want to ring up Plusnet for something so small so I'm hoping someone can help me out.
My bill is due on 12/01. There is no broadband charge for me this month so my current telephone bill is £23.56. I've not made any more phone calls so that price should not increase. I don't plan on using it as money is very tight at present.
Problem is I think I'm going to be about £10 short from paying the bill till the end of the month. So question is will that be an issue? I normally pay my bill by debit card and after this bill is paid I plan or finally sorting out my direct debit so make billing easier for me too.
Hope someone is able to help me! Smiley
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Re: Phone Bill

Hi willas00,
If you call 0845 140 0200 and select option 2 someone there will be able to help you.
Jojo Smiley