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Payments being taken after leaving

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Payments being taken after leaving


I had my service moved to BT in 30th August and had a DD payment come out this morning for £16.99 for services from 31st Ausust to end of September.

Ticket number132645527 was raised after the transfer to cancel the account and I asked for this payment to be stopped but it hasn't.

Could an admin arrange for a refund.

Do I cancel the Direct debit with my bank?
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Re: Payments being taken after leaving

@RTNI - As I have already said to another member this morning do not cancel your DD as it will make getting your money back all the harder. As this appears to be a mistake Plusnet will arrange a refund but in order for you to get your money your DD needs to be in place so they have somewhere to send it. Hold on and someone will pick this up later.


Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Payments being taken after leaving

Hi @RTNI looking at your account, your billing date was the 30th (Covering services from 30/08/16 to 29/09/16), so an invoice was generated by automation on the 30th and was processing as the services left us on the same day.


The ticket on your account is with our billing team and they'll arrange for the amount to be refunded back to you, however unfortunately it's not possible for us to stop the payment processing as you've requested. Once the payment has cleared on your account, we'll be able to issue the refund back to you.


As Mook has said, please leave the DD instruction in place as this will allow us to refund the amount back to you. If you cancel this, we may have to process a cheque refund for you if you cancel the DD instruction and the payment still comes through.


Apologies for any inconvenience.

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