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I've noticed that I've been paying for line rental for a long time that
I don't use at all

I overpay, I pay more than 40£ monthly

So was thinking if I have the option to disable this line rental and pay
only for internet. In my case just for Unlimited Fiber Extra Broadband.

I see on your website that your Unlimited Fiber Extra is only £ 26 a
month, so I'd be happy to pay that amount. Instead of 40£ about an
unused line rental.

I have been your customer for several years and I have been overpaying
all these years, so it would be grateful if you reduced my monthly

Kind regards,

Nauris Stankevics

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Re: Payment

You have to rent a line to get your broadband down it. This can be reduced by paying annualy. I am sure you could haggle a better deal on your BB tho.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Payment

Hi Nauris, Would it be OK to arrange for one of our customer options team to give you a call? They're in the best position to offer you a good deal. 


As PhyllisTyne mentioned line rental is needed in order to have a broadband service with us so line rental saver is something you might want to consider too:



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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team