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Paying for someone elses phone calls

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Paying for someone elses phone calls

I changed over to fibre broadband last month.

Without any notice I lost my broadband and phone connection.

This went on for at least four days, after that I was away from home. When I returned home, all was working OK.

Now I have been billed for £29.04 for phone calls made during that period. I live alone, so no-one was in the house certainly during that week. And I just never use the landline to make calls.

At the start of the down time, I rang Customer Services at Plusnet, and went through that process of taking the phone connection apart etc.

After my return, I again phoned Customer Services to ask about the down time etc, and I was given a £10 refund to cover that period of down time. So there was an admission of some sort that there was a fault.

Now, Plusnet insists on send an engineer around to check my connection. If there is no fault it will cost me another £65.

I can't get it through to them that there is not a fault NOW. I won't let it go, but of course there is a barrier to being able to talk to someone higher in the Plusnet ladder of command.

I am an extremely unhappy bunny over this, and as Yorkshire people say "THAT WON'T DO"...................


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Re: Paying for someone elses phone calls

If you’re getting other peoples calls on your bill then your line is very likely to be crossed so you’d need an engineer visit to investigate further 

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Re: Paying for someone elses phone calls


Have you dialled 17070 and listened to the service number quoted to check that it is your own? If it is not your number then there is definitely a crossed line.

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Re: Paying for someone elses phone calls

Just to say after a long phone call with [CSA Removed] from the Technical Support Team, I am going to receive a refund for these phone calls which I never made.

So, a successful outcome. Many thanks Plusnet.

That'll do...........:-)

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Re: Paying for someone elses phone calls

Only successful up to the point of the calls which have already been billed.

Have you followed the check you line number advise offered above?  Dial 17070 - check that the number is yours.  Dial your number from a mobile, check the phone line rings out.

If you do not have a handset, borrow one or buy a cheap one - they are an essential diagnostic tool and verifying that your line is not crossed with another could save you far more than the handset will cost you.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.