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Paying final bill.

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Paying final bill.

I moved to another provide over a month ago as the cost of Plusnet was no longer competitive. Firstly Plusnet tried to take a full months payment a day or so after I had left. Then after complaining here they worked out a final bill. This took them nearly FIVE WEEKS to produce, this bill arrived a few days ago, and I have tried to pay it, it is only £6.99 and guess what, you CANNOT pay it online.

Talk about making things difficult, I simply don't have time to wait 20 mins to get through to a 'human' they are always 'experiencing a large volume of calls' [probably people complaining]

After all this grief you would have thought they would have 'written off' this very small amount of £6.99

They really need to get their systems in order.




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Re: Paying final bill.

I have no reason to question what you say but it does seem odd that if you pay line rental in advance they can take that payment in advance without any problem.

To my knowledge most companies on the internet can take credit card payments so it seems odd if you are correct and PN are unable to do so.

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Re: Paying final bill.

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Re: Paying final bill.

Hello @vdp1750,


I am very sorry to see this was your experience during the closure and final billing of your account. Please accept my apologies for this.


We can take final payment over the phone on 0800 432 0200, we are unable to do this with balances for accounts that are closed I'm afraid. There is currently a queue of 20 minutes at the moment, if now is inconvenient I would suggest calling between 11-2 as this is generally the lest busy period.

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