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Paying £41 and must urgently reduce costs

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Paying £41 and must urgently reduce costs

Good afternoon can anyone help me with advice on reducing the costs my broadband and line rental

Do I need line rental if I have fibre but don't have phone?

Please help any advice appreciated please

Alan Russell
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Re: Paying £41 and must urgently reduce costs

HI @Akrussellgmail welcome to the forum.

That price suggests you are out of contract and paying the full price.

Suggest you phone Customer Options Team  on 0800 013 2632 and ask them about your options. 

You will always pay a line rental even if you have no landline phone. Think of it as a standing charge.




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Re: Paying £41 and must urgently reduce costs

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Re: Paying £41 and must urgently reduce costs

Think of it as that which connects you to the technology over which the broadband service is delivered. No line, no internet.

Use of the line for voice services (out going) is a separate cost, not charged if not used.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Paying £41 and must urgently reduce costs

It is worth thinking about what you use broadband for. You already said you don't use the landline, so you only use your broadband when you are at home (i.e. no other members of the household or CCTV etc. using it) then you may be better getting a suitable mobile contract and tether to your mobile instead.

If you do really need a fixed broadband connection and are out of contract, then shop around for the cheapest contract you can find - many are cheaper than your £41, especially if you include any cashback offers in the equation.

Edit:  if you or anyone in your household happen to be on benefits (e.g. Universal Credit), then moving to a "social tariff" with another ISP may be the best way to get a cheap deal (Plusnet don't offer a social tariff)

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Re: Paying £41 and must urgently reduce costs

Hi Alan

Suggest you take the advice of @Dan_the_Van above and ring PNet without delay. My own 18-month contract was up this month and I was billed something like £41 instead of £23 or so. PNet should have warned you that your contract was due for renewal and quoted you a price for another one?