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Passed to debt collection early

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Registered: ‎13-04-2020

Passed to debt collection early

Hello, I have been with plusnet for the past year and paid upfront for a broadband, we recently moved to another provider. I have also been with plusnet 2 other times in the past with no problems.

Plusnet emailed me on the 30th about an outstanding amount of £2 that you couldn’t take as we paid upfront and you don’t have a DD setup with me. You advised I have 14 days to pay.

I have tried to call over the past few days but have been left on hold for long periods which is understandable for the times we are in (covid19) I’ve logged into my account but was unable to pay their either, and I emailed yesterday on the 13th day to advise I have been trying to contact and would try again today.

I got through to your team today (the 14th day) who tell me the £2 has been passed onto a debt collection agency already and there is nothing you can do.

I contacted to pay within the next 14 days as asked but was told this it too late, does this seem fair? How can you specify 14 days to pay then not stick to it?

Could you let me pay the outstanding £2 bill rather than cause further upset by involving a debt collection company which isn’t nessasary when I’m offering to pay within the period asked.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Passed to debt collection early

Hi @MH-9017 and welcome to the Community Forums. I'm sorry to hear you've been advised this amount has been passed on and although I can't confirm via this support channel I've looked into this for you and updated the open ticket on your account which can be seen here.
I hope this helps.