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PN Can't Have Me-But BT Can

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PN Can't Have Me-But BT Can

Evening All
This is one for the mods and no rush but really is for your information.
I was on Sky Fibre on their LLU. After the year was up, I tried to transfer to you for your fibre service.
I was told by you that it is currently not possible to switch to you as switching fibre providers can't yet be done but is being looked into.
I was told the earliest it would be resolved is July but would probably be later. I was also told the issue is affecting loads of us.
So I phoned BT and have gone with them. It went through without a hitch and got the new Hub 4 for free and BT Sports.
You will be possibly losing lots of customers like me over this.
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Community Gaffer
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Re: PN Can't Have Me-But BT Can

Unfortunately that was an issue when you were talking to us in April. There were 2 order journeys causing a problem, one from full LLU and one from shared LLU. Migrating from shared LLU is fixed, I don't believe migrating from full LLU is yet Sad
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