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Overpriced Billing

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Overpriced Billing

I wonder if anyone could offer any advice, I can't seem to find anywhere to email / log these details of problems I have been having with billing since an upgrade. Its like the contact us system has been designed to stop you raising queries.


I recently upgraded to Unlimited Fibre which I thought would be billed at £11 per month, as per the "Product Change" part of my member area.


I've been with Plusnet for 10 years, and have only just moved to what I thought was £11 per month Unlimited Fibre, as my son told me I was being ripped off for loyalty, with the 1MB service for 9.99 plus two £5 top ups per month, that I signed up for 10 years ago. I am in my seventies so not so tech savvy.

Plusnet has ended up charging me 15.99 per month for Unlimited Fibre, not the £11 the "Product Change" area stated.

I saw an option in my account to upgrade to "Product Change" to unlimited fibre extra :
Unlimited Fibre Extra SPECIAL OFFER £13.00 per month (normally £20.99)
... so i changed to this, as it was the only way I could find to reduce my monthly broadband costs, albeit this time to £13 per month

Now it says my Current package is Unlimited Fibre Extra £20.99 Line rental £18.99 Call plan £8.00

This time I was expecting Unlimited Fibre Extra to be £13 as advertised in the "Product Change" area when i clicked change

It says I will be billed Unlimited Fibre Extra £20.99. I did not sign up for this, under the product change tab it said this was £13!


What I really want is the "£11 per month Unlimited Fibre" broadband package I originally signed up for, I don't think the "You can change your package online at anytime." bit of your website works, it does not appear to honour the prices it advertises.


Its really confusing why the figures I ( a loyal customer of 10 years ) am paying are so much higher than the offers you advertise, and the prices you say I will pay under "product change" 

What I really want is the "£11 per month Unlimited Fibre" broadband package I originally signed up for.


Please can anyone help. Can anyone from Plusnet add this to a ticket on your system?


Thanks, Richard

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Re: Overpriced Billing

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Re: Overpriced Billing


Hi Richard,


Thanks for getting in touch.


I can see that my colleague Ollie responded to your original post, however, to clarify in case you don't have access to that thread, we'd recommend having a chat with our Customer Options Team in terms of what's available for your upgrade.


They can be contacted on 0800 013 2632

8am - 8pm Monday to Friday  
9am - 7pm Saturday  
9am - 6pm Sunday


I'm really sorry for the confusion and inconvenience that the different price points have caused - I'm sure my colleagues will be able to get this straightened out for you.


Best wishes



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Re: Overpriced Billing

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