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Overcharged on this month's bill

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Overcharged on this month's bill

I'm posting here in the hope that someone from Plusnet will actually notice it, as I can't get through on the phone today.


Last month I was told I owed a "failed payment fee", even though the payment had been taken out of my bank account as usual. I phoned up and was told that the charge would be cancelled if I provided evidence of the payment leaving my account. I replied to the support ticket with the required evidence, and have heard nothing since. The support ticket is still open.

Now this month's bill has last month's payment and the failed payment fee added to it. Could somebody please get these removed before my direct debit is charged, or if too late to do so, make sure the extra amount is repaid to me promptly?

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Re: Overcharged on this month's bill

You will find that a number of customers who post on this forum have just gone to their bank and reclaimed the overcharge under the Direct Debit guarantee.  It's a lot quicker than waiting x number of days for a cheque, then for it to clear etc.

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Re: Overcharged on this month's bill

Hi @jmb22

Please accept my apologies for the issue with your bill.


As this information is account specific, I have updated a ticket on your account with the next actions that need to be taken. You can access it here.

Please reply to the ticket with your response so we can action this for you.

Thank you.

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