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Overcharged on renewal

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Overcharged on renewal

In common with many other customers who've renewed their contracts, I've been overcharged. I renewed my Fibre Extra for 24 months, at a cost of £24.99 a month, but I've just been billed £40.42.

I feel for the Plusnet staff who are having to deal with disgruntled customers. Time for Plusnet to sort out this billing fiasco.

I've raised a ticket and sent a DM via Twitter.
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Re: Overcharged on renewal

Hi DiMum

As you say, this has been an annoyance to customers and staff for years, we all wish it could be sorted out. it happened to me at most renewals and I've been with PN for many years. The BB is excellent and the staff do their very best but I'm beginning to think that BT which owns PN plan to merge PN into their own operation and accounts system so won't bother sorting things out.

Meantime here's my post from yesterday, and last week, and three weeks ago ... 

Constant problem with PN renewals. The accounts system seems unable to apply the agreed discount (or customer service forgets/is unable) to apply it. In theory it will be corrected with the overcharge refunded against your next bill but if you are worried or need the money urgently best give them a ring.

Good luck!