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Overcharged on new contract since July.

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Overcharged on new contract since July.


My name is ****** ******** & my Account username is ‘*********’

This is a full explanation of my problem, please bear with me as you read it.


I noticed yesterday that my account has been overcharged each month from the originally agreed sum of £23.50* since I negotiated my new contract on 2/8/2019.

*(for 1st 6 months, £26 thereafter)


Originally, I had not received notification from Plusnet that my contract was about to expire and only found out when I received my first bill post contract (July) at almost double the previous amount. This was due to an oversight by Plusnet which was acknowledged in a phone call and subsequent email from your colleague ****** ******* (Question ********* on 2/8/2019 at 16.32)


That email included the following comment;

“I apologise that you were not correctly notified of the end of contract, I mentioned this is due to an error on our side, *whereby your contract actually still shows as pending on the account”*

He also offered a goodwill gesture of £18.99 which was taken off the August bill but in effect that was just discounting the higher charge bill by £18.99. If the gesture was paid directly into my bank account instead then the bill for August would have also been £39.98 as per the July & September bills.

Basically, when this mess is sorted out, I would still not have received this goodwill gesture unless it will automatically come off the revised bill of £23.50.

  1. When I saw the lower August bill amount of £20.99 I thought the new contract had been activated, so silly me didn’t check it again for the next two months.


*I believe the error referred to above is still active on my account as this is still showing today under the Manage Account tab;

An error has occurred

You can't change your products for the moment, you already have a product change in progress.

I don’t think my new contract was activated properly or not activated at all.


The contract offered on 2/8/2019 and confirmed by email on the same day in Question ********* at 16.55 is as follows:

“Unlimited Fibre broadband service: £2.01 per month for 12 months then £15.99 per month

Line rental: £18.99 per month

BT Sport App: £2.50 per month for 6 month (£5.00 per month there after)

Total £23.50 per month for 6 month (£26.00 per month there after) on a new 12 month contract”


I’ve been overcharged by £16.48 for the months of July, August & September.


The October bill highlights another error as apart from the £16.48 figure, I have been charged two amounts for BTSport of £5.67 & £10.  I am aware that BTSport raised prices from then but my contract states the price to be paid for BTSport for the duration of my contract and is stated above from the contract confirmation email.

In any event, the notice of price increase stated the following;

“These prices don’t take into account any discounts you might have, which will continue to be applied until their expiry date”

Presumably the above refers to an existing contract agreement as in my case with a newly taken out discounted contract.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully someone can rectify these errors for me.

Tom. t*****@y****.com  U/N a********

PS. I can supply the non-redacted version of the above post when directed to do so.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Overcharged on new contract since July.

Hi @goatee


I'm really sorry to hear that these issues with your bills have occurred and that you weren't billed for the correct amount.


I have now put the steps in place to get these error rectified for you and have provided a more detailed response on a ticket here for you.

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Overcharged on new contract since July.

Thank you Lauren for the speedy response in rectifying the problems.

I have two issues outstanding and I will post them in the other thread you linked me to in your post above.

I just need a little time to compose my message.

Please keep this thread open as I would like other forum members to read if and when the issues are resolved.

Thanks, Tom

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Overcharged on new contract since July.

Hi @goatee


We wouldn't close down your thread. 


If you need us for anything else, please feel free to give us a shout. 


Kind Regards


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Re: Overcharged on new contract since July.

Thanks Ollie. Thumbs_Up