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Overcharged on my monthly bills

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Overcharged on my monthly bills


I have tried to contact Plusnet via twitter regarding this twice since the end of November and each time told that I would recieve a phone call to try and resolve over the phone. I haven't had a call.

As far as I am aware I am still under an 18 month fixed price contract at £23.99 per month but my bills have increased since August. We were given the option to start a 18 month contract when we moved from our old address (my old address is also still on the monthly bills) starting on June 19th 2019. The information in the account summary of my account isn't very useful, it looks like it still has the information from the previous contract and hasn't been updated. I had this issue back in May also.

I am being charged as if I am out of contract, but have had no communication regarding my contract coming to an end?

Could someone tell me when my contract is actually due to expire? According to question 191349746 on my account it should expire 19th December. Does this mean my November bill should be the last month under this contract? or December bill?

As I am expecting my contract to come to an end this month, how can I go about cancelling this? The out of contract price is almost double what I was paying under contract.


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Re: Overcharged on my monthly bills

Try Ringing them up at 8am on a weekday. they very helpful. 



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Overcharged on my monthly bills

Hi @Dp90,


I have left a ticket on your account to explain what has happened and what has been done to resolve the issue. You can find it here and within your emails.

 Curtis Smith
 Plusnet Help Team