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Overcharged and no help given by customer services!

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Overcharged and no help given by customer services!

Just finally managed to get through to customer services after 30 minutes plus waiting, as they have overcharged me (charged twice for broadband on latest bill) and rather than say they will sort out, they have told me to phone back in a couple of days!! I'm not wasting another half an hour, so will cancel direct debit as appears to be no way of getting through to anybody!! Although I appreciate it is not the fault of the person I spoke to, who was apologetic, nevertheless, this is terrible customer service, I do not have the time to waste to keep trying to get PlusNet to get things right!! They should send me a revised bill as soon as possible.

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Re: Overcharged and no help given by customer services!

Sarah5, welcome to the overcharged and/or unbilled but all unhappy customers of Plusnet! If you look at some of the posts around yours you will see that PN has created horrendous problems with its new billing system (mind you, the old one could be dodgy too).

Could I suggest, however, that you do NOT cancel your direct debit as PN may cut off your connection and you will have considerable problems getting it back. I agree that overcharging is annoying and if you were told to call again this is unforgivable. I've been told that my own overcharge is being dealt with as others are in the same situation and they were to come back today with an update -- they haven't. If you really need the money it's been suggested that you could instruct your bank to recover it under the terms of the direct debit guarantee.

It's clear that most of the PN advisers are totally snowed under and technical support is bound to suffer. I think it's high time we had an official explanation from top management; maybe it's time for Ofcom to become involved and for people to seek compensation payments for the aggravation they have been caused.

The really sad aspect is that while every renewal or change of contract has caused problems my BB connection has performed perfectly without a single outage in more than four years.

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Re: Overcharged and no help given by customer services!



Under the bills of exchange act, you have every right to stop your DD payment going to PN until they supply you with the correct amended bill / invoice.


 No business can force you to pay extra, then make you have to claim that extra back from them, as that constitutes a fraudulent behavior, whether by intent or not.


I am pursuing my route down the lawful path  and have told PN in no uncertain terms, as I have now suffered and had money taken from me unlawfully for quite some time, to which PN drags things out instead of paying me back, by saying wait until we get the problem fixed then we can raise this issue for you, well it have been excess of 24 months as evident on these boards and has been a lot longer than that via alternate means.


My advice is DO NOT give up



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Overcharged and no help given by customer services!

Sorry to hear this Sarah.

I can see we've requested the double charge be refunded.

We'll get that done for you as soon as possible

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team