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Overcharged; Wrong username; Wrong Account details; Connection drops

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Overcharged; Wrong username; Wrong Account details; Connection drops

Where to start ?

  • I paid the line for a full year; on 29th January I paid £19.49 even though I should have paid only £2.5SOLVED

  • my username has been wrongly written so I can't use the email address

  • my account details are wrong; wrong family and first names.PARTIALLY SOLVED

  • sometimes the connection cannot be used properly.

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Overcharged; Wrong username; Wrong Account details; Connection drops

Hello there and welcome to the forums. I'm sorry for the issues you're experiencing. I'm happy that we've managed to rectify some of them so far.
As for your username, I apologise if our Sales team had misspelt it, however it is not possible to change this due to the way our accounts system is setup. In this circumstance, we usually close down your account and then setup a new one. From the information you've provided it appears you are online now, so this method will cause further complications with your service. However, our Customer Options Team <b>may</b> be able to perform a brand migration to move your account to a brand new account with a new username. I'd recommend giving them a quick call on 0800 013 2632. As for your email address, this would not end with "". That is just your broadband username you use when you connect to the internet. The email address format is
Due to our data protection process, there are only few circumstances in which we can change a name on the account. These include bereavement and name changes by deedpoll. If the name has been misspelt, we would require a letter to be posted in writing.
What sort of connection issues are you facing and have you tried raising a fault to us? You can do this online at
I hope this helps Smiley
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 Anoush Mortazavi
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