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Overcharged - I'm cancelling my DD

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Overcharged - I'm cancelling my DD

I am so fed up with the terrible customer service from Plusnet. 


I am due to be switched to a new provider in two days (on 18/11) and today I get a bill for landline from the 20/11-20/12

Surely my account is marked to be closed???

I will be cancelling my direct debit and you can send me a final bill on paper which I will then settle with you. 


After all the messing around trying to get my account properly set up, and not even being able to contact you in a decent manner (i.e. in a way that _I_ have a record of it), I am completely disappointed with your total lack of service. No doubt I will lose my access to this forum on the 18th as well, so that I won't even have a written record of this. Nice one Plusnet. 

And don't you dare send me an "aww we are so sorry you are leaving" e-mail with a financially enticing offer. I can't even reply to that e-mail even if I DID want to accept it. If you can afford to give people a decently priced service when they tell you they're leaving then you should just be up front and offer that deal to everyone all the time. 

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Re: Overcharged - I'm cancelling my DD

I believe a final bill is generated within 20 days of a cancellation completing which will entail a refund being sent if needed or you’ll be emailed advise of how much you owe. 

If there’s no active direct debit, then you’ll get any owed refund by cheque. Similarly if you owe money then you’ll need to call Plusnet to pay over the phone as they won’t be able to take the payment automatically.