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Out of contract soon

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Out of contract soon

My broadband runs out on the 14th can you clarify that i have to ring up to not renew or if i go with a new provider do i still need to confirm cancelation thanks

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Re: Out of contract soon


Your contract will automatically revert to a monthly contact without you needing to do anything. The price will go up to the out of contract price.

Whatever you do, unless you are moving to a cable company, do not ring Plusnet and cancel the service. Go to your new ISP and let then take over your working line. They will handle the cancellation for you. Don't forget to ask to transfer your phone number if you want to keep it.

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Re: Out of contract soon

@scotty3  If you do not renew, you will move to the standard 'out of contract terms'. If you ring up and cancel, at the end of your contract you will lose both phone and broadband access. If you move to another supplier by placing an order with them - no need to inform PN - you will possibly incur charges at the out of contract prices until your new provider confirms they have moved your services.

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Re: Out of contract soon

Hey @scotty3,

As the others in the thread have confirmed, your broadband won't suddenly stop working when your contract expires, but the price of your package will return to the normal rate. If you'd like to renew your contract you can do so online via the Member Centre, or you could give our Customer Options Team a call on 0800 013 2632 if you wish to talk to us about what we can offer. You can reach the team on the phone between the hours of 8AM-8PM from Monday to Friday, 9AM-7PM on Saturdays and 9AM-6PM on Sundays. 

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