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Out of Contract leaving PN Q's

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Out of Contract leaving PN Q's

I have PN unlimited fibre and my parents have normal limited BB old contracts with inclusive weekend and evening calls

Both are out of contract so assume there are no fees once our new providers activate the switch?

Would there be any kind of ceasation fees if I went from a pn line (BT line) to say sky or talk talk who operate their own of what I think is called LLU's?

And finally I presume I do not need to give notice as the contract end date is the date on which we are switched?

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Re: Out of Contract leaving PN Q's



The switch is lead by the new supplier and you don't have to contact the current supplier at all (OFCOM rules to stop current supplier pressuring people to stay)

Cessation fees will be payable if the phone line is switched to an LLU as the line will be disconnected from the Openreach network and on to the LLU operators network. I think the cost is £30.

If you are out of contract then there are no other fees from Plusnet's side.

Good luck.

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Re: Out of Contract leaving PN Q's

Just to add to the response from SpendLessTime, more information on the cessation fee can be found here.

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