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Out of Contract but still contracted??

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Out of Contract but still contracted??

Hi I've been with plus net for two years now and just past the end of the second year,, I have not renewed my contract and now gone on the rolling higher payment. 


Can someone tell me if I have to pay a cessation fee if I leave and how I get my account set to be out of contract to avoid this leaving fee. I've seen comments that I have to pay an extra £2.50 a month to get out of the contract but on the console to upgrade/change current contract there is no option to select this.

I might be moving to a house that already has shared broadband so I don't really want to hit with extra charges when I leave if possible.



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Re: Out of Contract but still contracted??

Hi @online247365 - thanks for joining our forums.


The best way to find out what is happening to is to call our Customer Options team and they'll definitely clear up the picture. Their number is 0800 013 2362 and can be contacted 8am-8pm weekdays, 9am-&pm Saturdays and 9am-6pm Sundays. Hope that helps out; please do not hesitate to get back in touch if you require more assistance.

 Mark Duell
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Re: Out of Contract but still contracted??

To add to my colleague's response, if the broadband service isn't transferred to another provider using BT wholesale equipment or the service is ceased without being migrated, the cessation charge will apply.


This includes even if you're out of contract. I understand your situation of moving to another property with broadband already there, but it's a wholesale charge I'm afraid.


More information can be found:

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