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Order Already in progress??

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Order Already in progress??



Seemingly a common problem if a plus net tech can fix please.


Every time I attempt to alter my account / package it says an order is already in progress (which there isnt other than my original sign up probably over 2 years ago?)



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Re: Order Already in progress??

There appear to be a lot of common problems with Plusnet's systems that have been present for quite some time. Here are the ones affect me or that I can immediately think of - I am sure there are many more: 

- orders allegedly in place that prevent customers making changes etc;

- stuck recontract orders so that discounts are not correct and contract dates are wrong or unavailable on the Members Centre;

- LRS payments credited to accounts without the corresponding charge so that bills are deducted from the credit;

- inability to have more than one change on an account at one time so that, for example, a customer cannot recontract and then renew LRS until the contract completes (unless they know what sequence to do things in);

- the change app on the web not recognising existing discounts so that, for example, customers changing call plans are worried that their discounts will be negated by the change.

Plusnet do not seem to be making much progress in sorting these out despite constant assurances from staff on here that the backend teams are working hard on these issues. The present crisis is no real excuse as these all predate that by many months.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Order Already in progress??

Hi @andynlaura, I've sorted that for you and sent an email.

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 Plusnet Help Team