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OVERCHARGED - Despite flagging it up before billing date.

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OVERCHARGED - Despite flagging it up before billing date.

Well I've just checked my bank account to find..... despite my phonecall and a ticket being raised in what most reasonable people would think would be plenty of time... I was in fact OVERCHARGED.


The raised ticket is 184655704 and it was raised on 16th Nov at 4.42pm for a bill due out on 23rd Nov.


So I've been overcharged despite flagging it up before the bill date.


To say I'm a bit miffed is an understatement - I know there's a new billing system, but its clearly very faulty and needs to be rolled back to the old system which didn't seem to be half as troublesome with regards incorrect billing.


I notice the billing is always 'good' to Plusnet's benefit and never the customer - how long will I have to wait to get my money back, and will it be with interest as Plusnet will be earning interest on my money that they have incorrectly taken.

This is not doing customers proud - how many people haven't even noticed - how long will it take to rectify the fault.

I was renewing onto a new 12 month contract and only after plusnet price matched other providers - should I have jumped ship after many years as a happy customer - I'm hoping that the forum team might pick this up and sort it out as I'm not a happy customer at the moment.

I will at this point in time be switching my parents and my grandfather away from Plusnet as they are older and can't be dealing with the stress of dealing with incorrect billing. I also won't in the foreseeable be recommending Plusnet to anyone.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: OVERCHARGED - Despite flagging it up before billing date.

Hi @pontyslapper


Thanks for getting in touch and I am sorry to hear that your invoice is higher than you expected.


I have reviewed your account and have responded to you on a ticket here


Please let us know if you need any further assistance.