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Now preparing to take legal action against Plusnet

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Now preparing to take legal action against Plusnet

Despite a couple of months of warning about outstanding bills, and having left Plusnet in early August, and me advising you for those months that you are incorrectly billing me, I have now received anotice that you have passed my deatils on to a collection agency FOR MONEY THAT I DON'T OWE.

It was PLusnet that removed my payment details so that I didn't get billed for something I should - see attachements.


I advised you that if you did this, despite me clearly owing nothing on my account that I would take action of my own. I will now advise you that if this is not resolved within the next 7 days I will be taking legal against, especially if this leaves a mark on my credit rating.


Again, I attach the screenshot from my account showing that my service stopped in august, not the end of September, when you finally decided to get around to closing it.



ETA: Over 1 hour on hold on the phone and no reposnse, you'll excuse me if I don't waste my entire day on hold.


Question # 181051959 & 183092317 both show that services ceased in August.

Question # 184195168 advises that account was closed on September 29th despite the services having ceased/transferred to a new provide on ugust 14th.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Now preparing to take legal action against Plusnet

I'm really sorry to hear this is ongoing.

We've escalated this with the relevant team and we'll update you when we know more

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team