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November Bill seems wrong

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November Bill seems wrong


I've received a bill that charged me 29.95 pounds for this month of November.

The breakdown is 18.99 for line rental and 10.99 for Unlimited Broadband.

I understand the line rental being higher than usual without the discount because my 12 month upfront payment has expired.

But the promotional discount for the unlimited broadband has been reduced to -0.73 instead of it being the whole of 10.99...


I couldn't connect with anyone on the phone...I literally was on the phone on hold for at least 40 minutes today on 3 different occasions (Once in the morning, Once during lunch, and once before I got off work) for a total of almost 2 hours.... and of course the online chat is never on.


Seriously, I need to sort this out before you guys cut me off or charge me for late fees..


Also, I didnt get any email or letter reminder for the end of rental saver.. 😕


I hope a staff replies soon to clarify this for me.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: November Bill seems wrong

Hi @catevary,


I'm sorry that your bill was more than you expected and for the wait time when you called us plus the time taken for us to pick up your post on here.

I can see that you have now discussed this with an advisor. Were they able to answer all of your questions about this? Please let us know if there's still anything that you'd like to discuss.

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 Emily D
 Plusnet Help Team