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Notice that contract is about to end NOT received.

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Notice that contract is about to end NOT received.

Notice that contract is about to end.

We (customers) are supposed to receive them are we not?

I don't. And neither did the elderly friend I have just been helping.

Fortunately I check my bills and noticed a huge hike in price once and 'phoned up and was told my contract ended the preceding month.

I did not worry, I just took the hit like a fool.

My elderly friend received no notification that their 18 month contract was to end in January.

I had phoned them to tell them of a new offer Plusnet were offering and they managed to access their account and see what package they were on and noticed that their BILL has increased by £12 per month since January.

They have paid Plusnet £60 for five months because they did not know contract had ended.

They did NOT receive an email notifying contract was to end.

Customer services said the renewal was not sent out because the customer was on a 'self monitoring contract' or words similar to that. I have the operators name and as conversations are recorded there is evidence that this was said by Plusnet.

Sounded very dodgy excuse for taking £60 extra in six months for no added value.

So I 'phoned a different customer service operator.

He said people should receive notifications. This countered what the previous customer service operator said.

Any PLUSNET staff want to clarify? I say again: Any PLUSNET staff want to clarify?

Are we supposed to receive renewal notifications or not? 

Because I have not and my elderly friend has not and has therefore paid you £60 for NO added VALUE.

Why not just give me a reference number here or a name to call and give the elderly friend his £60 back (you can afford that can't you?) Especially if you made the mistake of not sending out notification.

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Re: Notice that contract is about to end NOT received.

Plusnet originally introduced end of contract notifications in August 2018 for any contracts started after that.

In addition, Ofcom decreed in Feb this year that all customers must be sent end of contract reminders irrespective of when their contract started. 

So your elderly friends contract was started prior to Aug 18 and thus wouldn't have been eligible on the original scheme. Since the contract ended before Feb 20 , I'm afraid it missed the latest scheme as well.

I'm sure one of the help team will be along shortly to clarify if my understanding is correct

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Notice that contract is about to end NOT received.

It is possible that accounts that have had problems in the billing system won't get an end of contract notification - I didn't get one (although I was aware of the end date so it didn't affect me).

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Re: Notice that contract is about to end NOT received.

Thanks for getting in touch @longtime_user 

Could you drop me a PM with your friend's username so I can take a look into this for you?

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