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Not impressed

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Not impressed

Im happy with what im about to get however im not happy with the billing at all, On signup you said id have to pay an initial payment and on screen you showed me 4.99 postage for the router and 11.49 for the broadband making it 16.48 as an initial payment, your taking that from my bank on friday, i saw that and as im on a low income thought i could afford that so i signed up
I wasnt expecting another bill until around 4 weeks or so later but then wednesday morning i have an email saying your going to take 11.99 for the phone line rental too on monday the 22nd, and i wasnt prepaired for this because you didnt tell me and only gave me 5 days notice and i wont be able to cover it, i find it unfair for you to give such a short notice of taking further payments especially since you  didnt clearly say you want this payment upfront, i class it as upfront because its a month payment when the line has only been turned on 48 hours!
Can you help me out with some time?
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Not impressed

Hi there,
All our subscription payments are taken up front I'm afraid, though there'll be a week or so before any action is taken if payment isn't made. Best thing to do would be to call our failed billing team on 0845 1400 104 and they'll be able to arrange something for you.
Hope that helps,