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Not billed for 4 months, missed payment

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Not billed for 4 months, missed payment


In August I saw I had not been billed for a while by way of receiving a large bill for the months that had been missed. I couldn't afford to pay this at once so the option of a payment plan was offered which I took.

Unfortunately I missed a payment this month with the DD being returned yesterday, phoned up to pay the monthly amount today but the billing system was only able to accept the full amount. The person on the phone tried to sort it but was unable, and all the managers must have seen her peering up like a meerkat from her chair (acute escalation senses) because she couldn't see a manager on the floor. She sent an e-mail to escalated billing and unrestricted the service (though it still seems to be in the process of unrestricting).

I was advised that escalated billing busy and if I've heard nothing by Monday to phone in again, only after some time I've discovered my brain is going to be the horrible cortisol monster that it is and destroy me with anxiety over the weekend.

The online staff seem to respond quickly, is there any way this can be resolved by the payment plan being reinstated? The missed payment is fully on me, but I'm sat with my debit card, able to pay the monthly bill but due to the financials not the full amount.

Cheers for reading my shameful sob story.
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Re: Not billed for 4 months, missed payment

Thanks for your post, @thegoobler.


We're not able to address billing issues directly via the forum and so have just sent you a ticket which is accessible here.


Please let us know if you need any further assistance.