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Not been billed since October

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Re: Not been billed since October


lf PN has over 750,000 customers which has been reported and only 68000 are members of the PN chat community how on earth are the other customers being informed of billing problems if PN are not advising customers by email .

Surely when PN want to increase prices of calls, broadband or other charges etc they send all customers an email so why is it PN do not to come clean with all their customers by email about their billing problems and progress.

Not everyone wants to look at chat lines ,facebook etc as proved by the fact that less than 10pct of your customers follow your chat services or cannot or do not want to get involved for verious reasons

l find it hard to believe only a small amount of customers are affected by this billing problem as surely we all are using the same billing system.

Please clarify so customers can understand why customers are not being kept informed about your billing issues .