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Not able to accept £15.99 offer.

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Not able to accept £15.99 offer.

Hey there,


I'm on my plusnet dashboard and there's a blue bar with "Switch to Unlimited Fibre for £15.99 per month."

Screenshot_2019-11-22 Dashboard Member Centre Plusnet.png

When I click on the "upgrade now" it takes me to the upgrade page but these two are all I can choose from.

Screenshot_2019-11-22 Plusnet - Choose broadband product.png

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Re: Not able to accept £15.99 offer.

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Re: Not able to accept £15.99 offer.


Beware, You may well find that this is £15.99 PLUS line rental. These offers are rarely value for money, put out to catch the unwary.

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Re: Not able to accept £15.99 offer.



I think @Baldrick1 has got it spot on. The dashboard offer you have is really £15.99 plus £18.99 = £34.98 which is the present out of contract rate (before the price increase on 3 December). The Black Friday offer of £26.99 including line rental for an 18 month contract is about the best offer you would get from the COT as an existing customer (unless you hit them on a very good day!).

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Not able to accept £15.99 offer.

Thanks for your post @catharsisinjune

We've flagged this to the correct people but as per the posts above the £15.99 is the full price for fibre broadband and doesn't take into effect your line rental or any applicable call plans.


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 Matthew Wheeler
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Re: Not able to accept £15.99 offer.

You really don't expect a reputable company to use  ......................  methods designed to catch out the unwary.

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Re: Not able to accept £15.99 offer.

Hi @catharsisinjune Thanks for letting us know.  As some have already mentioned the banner is failing to pull through any line rental costs.


We are working on that now and a fix is due to be deployed in our next release.  

 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager