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Non payment of £100 cashback after signing up via MSE

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Non payment of £100 cashback after signing up via MSE

I signed up to Plusnet on 05/03/15 via the link on Money Saving Expert website whereby I would receive a £100 cashback.
Like others on this forum, I have still not yet received my cashback despite repeatedly raising this matter on Plusnet chat and twice mailing MSE.
The response I received from Plusnet Chatline is that they deny that they made this offer and that I should take it up with MSE.
This is despite the fact that there are many people on this forum, and MSE forum, who have also signed up for ths offer, including some who have actually received their cheque!
So would someone at Plusnet please respond to this post as I am becoming rather fed up banging my head against a brick wall?
P.S. you have some of the most unhelpful and rude customer service persons I have ever encountered!
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Re: Non payment of £100 cashback after signing up via MSE

Hi Swansong,
It seems like the offer that was signed up for here was March's Amazon £75 voucher cashback. A redemption email was sent out, though never completed. I'm in the process of getting this chased up for you now.
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