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No reward card received since 25th June sign-up - can a staff member investigate, please?

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No reward card received since 25th June sign-up - can a staff member investigate, please?

I signed up to a new fibre and phone account on 25th June via the Uswitch offer but I haven't received a confirmation email for the promised £75 reward card. This seems to be a common theme for new customers and I'm getting rather tired of being passed between Plusnet, Blackhawk Network, and Uswitch to try to resolve the issue.

Can someone at Plusnet please take ownership and sort this out, please?

See Plusnet customer support tickets #204926537 and #205144035

The first CS rep said he couldn't find any details of my reward card and asked me to phone Blackhawk Network, who are the reward card providers. Blackhawk don't answer their phones, so I had to email them and finally received a reply on 15th Aug which said:-


"Thank you for getting in touch regarding your Plusnet reward card and I apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

I have had a look on the system with the information you have provided and unfortunately I am unable to find a Claim form in your name. This would mean that Plusnet hasn't sent your details over to us to send out a Claim form for you.

In these instances we would ask you contact Plusnet customer service on 0800 432 0200 for further assistance on getting your reward card.

Kind regards,


Customer Support

Blackhawk Network
Westside, London Road
Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9TD "


I then contacted Uswitch to ask if they could help and received this reply yesterday:-


"I am sorry to hear that you have not received your voucher for switching to Plusnet.

Uswitch is an advertising platform for broadband. This means that we display what is available on the provider's websites and provide a link for you to go to their website and buy that product.

We do not take any money or sell any products here at Uswitch. In order to purchase a product, you would have to click on the link and purchase the deal directly from the provider's website. Therefore, we do not have any information on you as a customer, your order or details, etc.
All promotional rewards come from them directly or through their voucher provider. When you have switched successfully to Plusnet, you should have received an email within 2 weeks from the activation date, providing you details on how to claim this. The claim must be made within 2 months of receiving this email.

Can you please confirm if you have received this email from them, it can sometimes filter into the junk/spam folder. If your settings are set to remove the emails from the spam folder automatically within a set date, it would also be advisable to check the Bin/Trash folder.

If you have not received these details, please contact Plusnets’ promotions team on 0800 028 0282 or 0800 587 2013 to query the status of your reward.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a lovely day.

Kind regards,
Customer Service Team | | 0800 404 7908
The Cooperage, 5 Copper Row, London, SE1 2LH "


I then phoned Plusnet CS again a few minutes ago and was told that I should wait for a few more days for the reward email to arrive. I said this wasn't acceptable as I'd wasted enough time on this, and the initial offer stated that the reward would be available within 2 weeks (and must be claimed within two months). It's almost 2 months since I signed up and I am concerned that I won't receive the reward at all. The CS rep said he wasn't allowed to escalate my claim unless I gave them a few more days to locate the claim. As CS obviously can't help (they seem to have been put in "fobbing off" mode, which I find intensely annoying as it's disrespectful to customers), I therefore thought I'd add to the growing list of complaints on this forum in the hope that someone at Plusnet can sort this out.

And, before anyone asks, I have checked my spam folder for the reward email.

Are there any Plusnet staff who can help with this? I only have 7 days to claim this reward card, so would appreciate a fast response.


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Re: No reward card received since 25th June sign-up - can a staff member investigate, please?

Your reward starts from when your services are live and not from sign up. But if I'm wrong no doubt someone will correct me
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Re: No reward card received since 25th June sign-up - can a staff member investigate, please?

I've been waiting since June as well phone customer service over the weekend it was escalated like you they could see nothing on my account about this but the offer was clearly displayed on plusnet website when I singed up