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No phone

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No phone

I have a customer who want to join Plus net for phone and broadband. He has no BT phone by that I mean the line is in but he canceled his account with BT some time ago so there is no need for a line just activating and assigning a new number.
Can he come straight to plus net or must he first pay bt to setup the line?
Is there a cost setting the line up if so how much?
As he has no internet can he sign up on the phone and I still get my referral if so what number does he ring he lives in Crewe Ches
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Re: No phone

Hi there,
First off, your friend can sign up over the phone and add your referral at the same time by calling: 0114 296 5198 (it's at the bottom of our website).
We can add a home phone contract, but your friend will need to be aware that if we are charged anything by Openreach, we will need to pass on these charges.  We wouldn't normally offer this except in isolated instances as we don't have an automated process to do this.
We wouldn't know what the charges would be without looking at the line.