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No longer a customer, but Plusnet seems to think I am.

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No longer a customer, but Plusnet seems to think I am.

I was a customer of Plusnet until a couple of months back, and then I moved to Vodafone. I'd paid a bill not long before switching, and a couple of weeks after switching, a small amount of money was refunded into my account by Plusnet. Seemed reasonable - when you leave any kind of service, how much you've paid is usually set against what you used, and either you owe the company a few quid or they owe you.

Since that time, Plusnet have been asking me to pay a bill. What is the bill for? Who knows? That kind of information is bafflingly not available. What's more, and this really concerns me, Plusnet have continued to act as if I'm still a customer. They sent me a letter advertising products I might be interested as a current customer. They send me messages about my bill which refer to me as a customer. Today, amusingly, I got a text saying that Plusnet is restricting my broadband use until I pay them, which they can't do as I'm not a customer.


If, at any point, Plusnet were to actually explain - in a letter, an email, whatever - why I owe them this money, and accept that I'm leaving and no longer a customer, I'll pay immediately. It's not a huge amount of money. But given that they keep requesting payment on the basis that they think I am still a customer, and given that they've already refunded me something (for whatever reason), I won't pay, because I can't trust that it isn't a mistake, and if it is a mistake I have no faith whatsoever that I'd ever get it back.

As a comparison, I changed electricity provider the same week. Eon sent me a letter acknowledging that I'm leaving, and this is how much I owe them, because I used this much electricity before switchover. I paid, account closed, everything is fine. Why Plusnet can't do that is beyond me. All could be solved with an explanation of why I owe them this money, and a recognition that it would be paid to close the account and I'm not a customer any more. All could be solved, in other words, by Plusnet acting as though they have even the tiniest clue what is going on.


I'm sorry that I've had to post this here, but the live chat never works for me, in any browser (it works fine for other companies' live chat), and for reasons I shan't go into here I can't use the phone. If anyone from Plusnet would like to email or post me an actual bill instead of texting demands for unexplained amounts of money, that would be lovely.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No longer a customer, but Plusnet seems to think I am.


Sorry to hear this and thanks for letting us know.

I've sorted this out for you now and arranged to send you further refund to cover the time you've paid for a service we haven't provided you with.

We'll send you a cheque within 14 working days.

I've also passed feedback on regarding your experience back into the business as this shouldn't be happening.

I'd like to thank you for your custom and wish you all the best with your new provider.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team