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No intention of paying cashback

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Registered: ‎20-08-2020

No intention of paying cashback

Plusnet seem determined not to send cashback as promised

Phoned them when I joined - was going to do it online but the Plusnet guy said I could also get the cashback from him

I have done everything correct from my end - filling in form before deadline - got "Claim confirmation" email dated 26-Dec)

... nothing received

Sent emails to "" on 26-Mar-2020 - they claim no knowledge

Gave them a break due to Covid... well that was a mistake.

Called them in July - said they would send it

... nothing received in a month

They are basically fraudent

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Re: No intention of paying cashback

Hi - Slightly different experience


Renewed contract in mid july initial email offer was for a £60 card  - discovered that new customers were being offered a £75 card so haggled with PN when signing up for a new contract


Did try to get the Card value knocked off my monthly contract in light of the many  forum posts on this subject  - but that was no go.


About 3 weeks after sign up I posted a msg on the forum advising email not recieved ( tuesday)  on Wednesday I recieved email and confirmation code  - logged into Purecard website  provided requested details  - then  -Card was waiting for me at home on the saturday  - registered card  minor issue entering year of birth - when went through process of setting up an account  - once account set up  then checked for card PIn.- card works and some money spent already






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Registered: ‎20-08-2020

Re: No intention of paying cashback

Can someone from Plusnet comment on what exactly I did wrong and why there is no cashback?


I am rapidly running out of patience with Plusnet and their fraudulent cashback tactics where they simply do not send the cashback either when you fill in the forms correctly (and receive the confirmation email) and phone them.  I was promised this cashback on joining.


Impossible to get through by phone - tried phoning them on:

13th July (1 time)

16th July (4 times)

20th July (3 times)


The routers arrive fine - it's just the promised cashback that doesn't

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Re: No intention of paying cashback

Its an absolute joke I've sent emails rang customer services and had an open question been open 10 days not a single response I have run out of patience now I'm ready to move
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Re: No intention of paying cashback

@ianr1  You have far more patience than I have. I'd have escalated it long ago. Seems the modern way to contact Trading Standards is through Citizens Advice.

Ever helpful. Grin Sure, I’d love to help you out. Now which way did you come in?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No intention of paying cashback

@ianr1 Hi there, I'm picking this up on your account for you now and will be in touch tomorrow Smiley

I can see your account @alan19800 is with our Marketing Team, and you'll have an update on the escalation by the 31st of August. 

 Plusnet Help Team