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No discount after delay in activation

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No discount after delay in activation

Hi, as the title says plusnet offered me a discount on my second bill because the fibre line was activated a couple of weeks after my telephone line. I paste the original message:

About your first bill
When you signed up you paid a one-off charge for your service. In addition any setup costs, hardware and P&P (if you chose a router), this included a subscription charge for the following month's service in full.

About your second bill
Because your broadband and phone were activated at different times, we'll give you a discount off your second month's bill.

We'll refund you for the period between your broadband and phone going live. Your second month's invoice will show you details of the refund.

My second bill is till the same price (22.99 pounds). The first time I contracted the line I received an offer of 22.99 pounds for 18 months contract, and the first month I only had internet for the last two weeks.

Where is my discount?



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Re: No discount after delay in activation

As your broadband activated 20 days after your phone line, I've arranged a refund for that 20 days back to you for the broadband service at the price you pay. This will return back to your bank within the next 7-10 days, I'll create a support ticket and you'll get an email with the amount on it.

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