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I moved house in October and took plusnet with me when I moved. I moved my broadband and Tv.
I pay way over the odds for my broadband. £35.99/month for a product which is £24.99/month for new customers (fibre extra).
I would tolerate this as we were happy with our TV package and felt this was good value.
However we have not been receiving TV. A previous question answered by plusnet said there was an issue which should be resolved. This was 5 months ago.
I cannot get through on the phone line.
I would like to cancel my current contract on the basis that it is not providing what I signed up for so that I am able to get cheaper broadband elsewhere.
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Re: No TV


Thanks for your post @Mikejackalope2 

I'm sorry for the issues with your TV service. From what I can see it looks like we automatically removed your YouView package when your house move order completed and now we can't add it back on due to an ongoing system problem.

Due to how long it's been a problem if you'd want to leave your contract without termination fees I'd recommend calling our cancellations team on 0800 013 2632 so we can make sure we don't charge you one when your service moves away, or if you're going to a cable provider (like Virgin Media) we can process the cancellation. 

I hope this helps.

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