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No Standard Fibre Option!

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No Standard Fibre Option!

I signed up for Fibre Extra but decided not to continue with it when my contract expires in a few weeks I found it made very little difference and would use the lower price to offset the higher new deal on offer. Spoke to PlusNet regarding a new contract and was informed that they do not permit a reversal back to Standard. I would have to leave and find an alternative ISP. If that condition is within the T&C's I couldn't find it.

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Re: No Standard Fibre Option!


That's crazy! Ring back but this time select the 'i'm thinking of leaving' option. Chances are you will speak to some-one with some common sense in their brain! Also before you ring look up some competitors prices and ask for them to be matched. Chances are that with a little haggling you will come out with a better deal.