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No Reward Card Email Recieved

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No Reward Card Email Recieved


I joined PlusNet under the assumtion of receiving a £75 Reward Card which never came as I was never sent a email which the PlusNet team seem to claim was sent. If I had ever received the email, I would have claimed the £75 reward card but PlusNet say a email which was never sent has expired. I responded to the PlusNet twitter team but after waiting for a response for over 3 weeks I have received no response.

It is sad that I have joined a provider that would rather steal from customers and claim to have sent an email which was never sent. I have read online on this issue and seems PlusNet runs this scheme so they don't have to payout customers on the reward scheme. Can anyone assist?

I may well need to take this beyond PlusNet it seems if they are not able to sort my issue. I will try sending one last message on twitter and hope they have the courtesy to respond at the very least. 

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Re: No Reward Card Email Recieved

Thanks for your post @priyesh123 

I'm sorry to see you haven't heard about your cashback. From what I can see we emailed you on 29-Sep-2020 00:01 and as the offer wasn't claimed, it expired on 29-Nov-2020 in line with our cashback terms and conditions Here.

Having said that, looking at your correspondence with us via Twitter, as you got back to us with your account details 1 day before the cashback offer expired but we didn't get back in touch with you in a timely fashion, which meant that we couldn't provide a direct link for you to claim your cashback before the offer expired, I've raised this to our billing team so we can send out a cheque to you as an alternative resolution instead.

Also I'd love to honour this by sending a reward card rather than a cheque however we've no way of manually issuing a reward card because the claim form in the email we sent has expired so I hope the cheque helps. I'll provide an update within the next 5 working days via your account.

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