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No Invoice sent since Dec

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No Invoice sent since Dec

Had no invoice or nothing taken from my Banks DD since December told haveing problems with system

Anybody had the same problems this is getting laughable now getting on for 6 month and still not sorted

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Re: No Invoice sent since Dec

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Re: No Invoice sent since Dec

Lots of people having this issue.


At least take comfort that you have joined the growing band of Pnet free customers, because you are now not being charged at all for any usage that is over 90 days old. In other words they will only charge you for the last 90 days when they switch the power back on, if they ever manage to do that or because they have gone bankrupt  from shortage of money comming in.

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Re: No Invoice sent since Dec

Hi @Kevo7, thanks for your post.


We are aware of an ongoing issue whereby bills are not being generated and can assure you that we're working to get it resolved as quickly as possible.


We're sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Re: No Invoice sent since Dec

@Anon I'm not sure they will go bankrupt.  They must have stockpiles of money - any other business that can't collect payments from people for this long would've surely have gone bust by now...  Perhaps this is evidence of PN overcharging......

If my company couldn't collect payments from customers, I'd have staff working 24x7 fixing the problem and *at least* have an outlook for a resolution.  PN's "laissez-faire" response of "we're sorry, but not sure how long it will take to fix" is insulting and arrogant towards their users affected.  Wonder if the board are aware.....

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Re: No Invoice sent since Dec

Same here.  Perhaps line rental saver was not such a good deal after all Undecided