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No Brainer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No Brainer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my Line Rental 12 months is now due to finish Jan. 25th, and ive 6 month left on my fibre contract, so i thought i would have a look around mainly out of curiosity, and price up PLusnet/ Sky, and BT to see who would offer best deal,below is what i found;
12 Months Fibre £360.00 Unlimited Pro.12 month contract,
Line Rental £15.40 month, No Line Rental Saver,
Unlimited Calls per month £5 Total £60 12 months.
Total £549.80 per 12 months  (£45.81 per Month).
BT Infinity 2
18 Months Fibre £20 for 3 months, then £26, total £450. based on 18 month Contract
Line Rental £141 12 Months,
Unlimited Calls per month £7, Total £84 12 months
Total £675.00 over 18 months ( Ave. £37.50 month).


18 month Fibre £20 month, total £360, based on 18 months contract,
12 Months Line Rental £137.88,
Unlimited Calls £4.50 per month, £54.00 12 months,
Total £551.88 over 18 months(,Ave £30.65 month)
I know Sky is based on 12 months contract, but i believe PN offers the best value out of all 3.
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Re: No Brainer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For me when I made my choice, Sky, BT or TalkTalk would have been cheaper but there was no way on earth I'd go with either Sky or TalkTalk having had previous "experience" with them and BT have let me down badly in the past too. Plusnet offer a static IP as well so that was a major bonus for me and the deciding factor.
My next door neighbour who is with TalkTalk occasionally sends me a text or pops over to ask if my broadband (FTTC) is down "as well" - I don't think I've had more than a couple of minutes outage at a time in the past year and that's normally down to me hammering the router with internal data transfers.