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New referral query -- incorrect amounts [SOLVED]

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New referral query -- incorrect amounts [SOLVED]

I referred someone last month within the time limit for the special offer that gives 4x referral value for 6 months.
When the referral appeared on the My Referrals page it wasn't showing the correct amount so I raised ticket no. 26151423 on 29 August and received a response to say it was just a display anomaly and I would receive the full amount .
However I've been sent the monthly email that tells me the value of my referrals and it's still wrong.
I raised ticket number 26346969 last night when the queue was supposed to be about 90 mins and still haven't received an answer.
If there are any staffers watching can they comment and/or give this ticket a kick
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Re: New referral query -- incorrect amounts

Hi Paul.
I've responded to your ticket and it should be back with you now.
For the info of anyone else reading this thread, the current referral offer is subject to terms and conditions which can be viewed here
Point 3 of that document states:
3. The increased discounts will be applied for a period of six months starting October 2008.
This is a similar rule to the previous referral bonus payments where the bonus' only became payable after the new customer had been active with us for a period of 90 days.
Hope that clarifies things folks.