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New line installation on house move?

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New line installation on house move?

Hi guys,
Unfortunately I'm in the position of having to do a second house move in 12 months. Although I don't mind paying the £65 and then the £49.99 for a new line installation, I'm not sure why I need this "new line installation"
My landlord moved out of the house I'm moving into in October last year. She was with talktalk with a BT line and just had the line disconnected when she moved out. I have the socket in my new flat and it's one of the new ones so I don't get why it can't just be reconnected? Surely it wasn't cut off completely after only 5 months?
I had a similar situation at my old flat, I paid £49.99 for my new line, had a BT engineer arrive, plug his phone into the socket and tell me I already had a dial tone and there was nothing he had to do. I had to take a half day off work for this and will have to do the same again this time round.
The real kicker is that my appointment for an engineer is in 3 weeks time Sad That's a long time to wait if I don't need a new line...
Can someone explain why I need a new line and why the current one can't just be reconnected? How long can you reconnect a disconnected line for before it's cut off completely?
Sorry if I don't get how all this works and thanks for any help you can provide Smiley
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Re: New line installation on house move?

HI lalalacarrie,
I'm sorry to say that I've checked 2 different systems and your property isn't showing any stopped lines on either. I've also been onto the Openreach system to see if there are any earlier appointments but I'm afraid there aren't.
Not good news, sorry.