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New contract didn't mention line rental.

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New contract didn't mention line rental.

I rang Plusnet on 31/1/2021, as they'd sent me an email telling me I was about to be paying £31.44 per month for unlimited broadband and line rental. I was actually paying about £10 for broadband and my line rental saver was in place until May 2021.

Anyway, the agent quickly offered me bb at £5.70 per month, which I happily agreed to. I told him about my LNS and he agreed it was paid until May 2021. He understood that I intended to renew it after this period but neglected to tell me that it had been discontinued as an option. He did not explain how much line rental would then be. It turns out that it's quite expensive, adding £20.29 to my bill each month. I should've been told about this, obviously.

Neither my Feb or March bills have been correct, with both charging me £11.15 rather than £5.70. I phoned again yesterday (2/3/21) and spoke to another chap, who was much more helpful. I can see now that the first agent has stuck me on a £25.99 per month deal when new customers get it for £18.99 (plus a £50 gift card)! Needless to say, I would never have knowingly agreed to this.

I will be speaking to management about this when the second agent calls me back on Thursday. I just thought others should be aware of this pitfall.

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Re: New contract didn't mention line rental.

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